York Region District School Board Trustee Area 3 (Wards 4/5)

I'm running for School Trustee because I'm concerned about how our schools have become institutions of indoctrination since my sons attended 20 years ago. Learn More

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

Starting Sept. 19 and running until Oct. 9, the Upper Grand District School Board (UGDSB) in Guelph began asking children to fill out surveys divulging their sexual orientation, gender and race.It’s true! Children as young as age 11 are being asked to explain their sexual orientation and gender identity in a survey that is not anonymous.The survey also includes questions on race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disabilities, and will collect data from children in kindergarten through Grade 12, although the questions on sexual orientation and gender identity will be limited to grades 7 through 12.

This is Paul Black

I was born in Saint John, New Brunswick and we moved to the Montreal area where I grew up since I was three years old. I left Montreal to attend the University of Waterloo and graduated as a civil engineer. After graduating I worked as a construction manager in the design-build field. After being in that for 10 years I worked as a project manager and eventually an associate vice-president for Canadian Tire Real Estate over a total of 16 ½ years. Canadian Tire packaged me out in 2012 and then I started my own business in which I develop properties for clients.I was married for 8 years during which time we had two sons and lived in various places like Brampton, Smiths Falls and Vancouver due to living wherever the projects were being built. I moved to Vaughan in 2007 and have lived here ever since then. My sons last attended school in Ajax 20 years ago. Since that time I’ve noticed how the quality of our education has deteriorated so that graduates are no longer as competitive as before. This is why I decided to run for school board trustee. I’m concerned about the future of our country because I’m concerned about our kids and they will shape the future of our country.

The Issues

Here are the issues that I see are facing our schools and how they are affecting our children:

Gender Identity Theory:Gender identity is defined by trans activists as a person's inner sense of belonging to a particular gender. It is constructed by the individual according to what a person understands their gender options to be. Gender identity theory normalizes the ideas that there are more than two genders, that gender is not attached to biology, and that transgenderism is but one of many natural variations. It is this theory that underlies school policies that refer to gender identity.The 2019 Ontario public school sex-ed curriculum, known as the Health and Physical Education (HPE) curriculum, teaches about gender identity in grades 7-12. Students in younger grades are not safe from exposure to these themes, either, since the Ford government admitted in court proceedings that topics from one grade could be taught in other grades, as long as the content wasn't tested.
Gender identity theory is being taught in classes outside of health class, too, of course. Moreover, students are being indoctrinated with gender identity theory through school events such as school assemblies, health fairs, and library readings.
I believe that gender identity theory should not be taught in schools because it is scientifically invalid. Gender—whether we subjectively feel male or female—is biological, not a social construct. Scientists are expressing concerns about the practice of offering children life-altering hormone blocking drugs—"puberty blockers"—happening at clinics that treat children who say they are transgender. In addition to negative psychological and physical outcomes for the transgendered, gender identity theory can lead to psychological distress among students in schools. It confuses children. An Ottawa-area family has filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal over gender identity theory lessons taught to their 6-year-old daughter in her Grade 1 class in her local public school. The Buffone family claims their daughter was subjected to gender identity theory lessons in her classroom. The child claims the teacher in the class then taught "there is no such thing as girls and boys," and "girls are not real and boys are not real," causing great distress to the child. The child then "began spontaneously and repeatedly asking [her parents] why her identity as a girl was 'not real.' She asked if she could 'go to a doctor' about the fact that she was a girl." The link between gender ideology being discussed in the classroom, the explosion of children claiming they are transgender, and the fast tracking of children into taking life-altering puberty blockers is becoming clearer every week as dissenters come forward with their stories.

Sex Education:As Premier Dalton McGuinty's Education Minister, Kathleen Wynne introduced a sexual education curriculum in 2010 that had to be withdrawn in days due to popular outcry over its graphic nature. Parents objected to content including masturbation for grade 6, anal and oral sex in grade 7, and making a personal plan for sex and the introduction of gender identity theory in grade 8. As Premier, Wynne shoved the same graphic curriculum down the throats of Ontarians without meaningful consultation in 2015. Kathleen Wynne's "new" sex-ed curriculum was 96% identical to the one from 2010! When Progressive Conservative candidate Doug Ford ran to become Premier of Ontario, he ran on a platform that included repealing and replacing Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum. After being elected, Ford repealed Wynne’s sex-ed in 2018 for one year, during which he held a general consultation on the curriculum that was not restricted to parental input. In 2019 Ford released a curriculum that was largely a copy of Wynne’s.Since the release of the 2015 sex-ed curriculum, concerned parents and other stakeholders have waged an ongoing battle against the Wynne-Ford agenda to undermine parental rights and indoctrinate children with inappropriate sex-ed content.

Why are parents so opposed to the curriculum? Because it:

  • sexualizes young people

  • interferes with the rights of parents to direct their children's education

  • is causing psychological and social harm

Critical Race Theory:Critical race theory views history as an ongoing war between identity groups —particularly, an ongoing conflict between white people and non-white people— dismissing the idea of the free and sovereign individual. It also redefines racism as a covert system which is sometimes practised in overt ways from white people towards non-white people.
This is Marxism dressed up to be more palatable to us, and it fails to capture the richness of what human social dynamics are supposed to be about.
Under Ontario's proposed Bill 67, for example, no staff or student in any educational institution can be seen as anything but a member of a particular race, sex, or gender, or sexual orientation.Critical race theory aims at the promotion of racial equity, or equality of outcome between white and non-white people. It’s a Neo-communist concept that encourages racial discrimination in order to bridge gaps in education, health, housing, employment, and other factors that condition living.However, this concept of “equity”, based as it is on a false premise that people consistently oppress others based on the colour of their skin or gender, has dire effects on people of all races. It both strips white students and staff of dignity (some parents report that their children are now coming home from school and reporting that they hate themselves because of their race or sex), while infantilizing black and non-white people, who are seen as “vulnerable” people because of the colour of their skin. Critics of this world view rightly charge that these premises lead to a kind of racism of its own.Furthermore, critical race theorists reject the presumption of individual innocence, believing that if a person belongs to a racial group regarded as exploitative, that person is guilty of anything any member of that racial group has ever done. Likewise, those who belong to a race regarded as submissive and exploited can never be judged on their individual merits. They must always be viewed as victims who could never succeed without bureaucratic assistance.At the provincial level in Ontario, anti-racism strategies have been pushed into policy and curriculum since the time of Kathleen Wynne's 2008 "Equity and Inclusive Education" policy, a policy to promote diversity and inclusion in schools.

The School System StructureI’ve witnessed firsthand how our school structure has been inverted when I attended by videoconference last year a school board meeting with a group of parents. One of the mothers was scheduled to speak to the board about her concern with the mental health of the children as a result of all the Covid restrictions and mandates in the schools. She was cut off a few times due to “technical” difficulties. After a couple of minutes she was cut off completely from speaking to the board. It was obvious that the board members were not interested in what she had to say because it went against the “official” narrative. I remember thinking to myself that the trustees are supposed to be working for the parents but they sure didn’t demonstrate that by refusing to listen to that mother express her genuine concerns. They were only interested in their own agenda. This was one of the reasons that I decided to run for school trustee.I’ve noticed since then that the school system seems to be turned upside down. It appears that the teacher unions have too much control over our schools. The unions should be answering to the teachers as they are supposed to work for them. In turn, the teachers should be answering to the school board and the school board should respond to the needs of the parents who are responsible for their children. We need to fix the system so that parents are ultimately in control of their schools.

Places of Education Rather than Indoctrination:Since my sons attended school twenty years ago it seems that schools have become places of indoctrination more than places of education. Children don’t need to be burdened by social agendas such as gender identity and critical race theory. Let them be kids again without added pressure that these issues create. Their mental health has been affected, especially in the last three years. By not spending time learning about dangerous social agendas they will have more time to learn the basic subjects like math, reading, writing and real biology. I’d also like to see them learn more practical things like fitness, personal finances and growing food. Kids should learn how to be critical thinkers again by not just accepting things they are told, but to figure things out for themselves.

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